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Smart Records Management, Inc. is committed to developing a partnership with area businesses through the management of their records.

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So, What is the difference?


Smart Records Management, Inc. utilizes barcode technology and industry-leading file management software to accurately track records, thus you are always assured of convenient, efficient access.


We understand the critical role business records play in the security of your company’s information. By partnering with SRM, You determine which of your employees may access records by creating and maintaining an authorization list.

Cost Control

Are you spending time and money on self-storage? Put Smart Records Management, Inc. on your team and put dollars and staff time toward more productive efforts. SRM offers businesses a cost-effective file management alternative that increases productivity and reduces operating costs!

Excellent Service

Any company or storage unit can store your information. The difference between a commercial records management center and a storage facility is service. Our full service records center completely manages your records.