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It can really be this easy, let SRM show you how.

Implement Records Management in Five Steps « Solution Exchange Solution Exchange
As the second largest public sewer utility in Kentucky, Sanitation District #1 (SD1) deals with a lot of records. Laserfiche Records Management Edition helped SD1 streamline records management while maintaining compliance with the State of Kentucky’s Local Government Retention Schedule. Here is the…

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For the people who ask what is it that Smart Records Management does? Here's a brief synopsis of some of our skills.

How Does Document Management Work? | Radical Hub
In the vast majority of offices, it is the case that the amount of information there is to manage is immense. This might be in the form of emails, documents saved on an internal system, logged phone calls, hard copies of letters, information raised in meetings… the list goes on. So how on Earth are…

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What Senior Manager need to know about Records Management

Records Management Matters; What Senior Managers Ought to Know - Monday, 22nd July 2013 at...
Records managers are a loveable, likely bunch of people; they are dedicated to their profession, are passionate about preserving the past, they are also passionate about keeping true records of the information that led to the making of business decisions and the decision’s consequences.Good recordke...

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