Offsite Document Storage

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  • Information Tracking Software
    Smart Records Management, Inc. utilizes barcode technology and industry-leading file management software to accurately track records, thus you are always assured of convenient, efficient access.

  • Pick-Up and Delivery Service
    Call, fax, or e-mail your request to SRM.  The files and records requested can be delivered to your business by the next day. SRM also picks up documents that need to brought to our office.

  • Off-Site File Management
    Using valuable office space can seem like a good place to hold files, but many businesses want a critical employee working there. Put SRM on your team and put dollars and staff time toward more productive efforts.  Your internal staff concentrates on improving your core business, not managing files or rummaging through stacked boxes.

  • Full Service Records Management
    Any business can store files. Full service record management allows our clients to manage their files through the entire life cycle.  SRM inventories your files so you know what is in your boxes, indexes them so we know where they are to retrieve them, and destroy the files securely when they reach the end of their retention period.